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The First Bone Adhesive To Treat

Fractured Bone and Stabilize Metal Hardware

Tetranite® Bone Adhesive is a novel, mineral-organic biomaterial based on the product formed by mixing powdered tetracalcium phosphate and phosphoserine in an aqueous medium. This mixture is a tacky and self-setting adhesive cement that cures to an amorphous solid. The setting reaction is accompanied by formation of strong, durable bonds to surfaces such as living bone and metallic implants. Through controlled phase evolution, crystalline calcium-phosphoserine and apatite phases are formed. The solid phases evolve over time, gaining strength in the process. Additionally, deposition of new bone begins within days on the surface of Tetranite, integrating it with the skeleton. Eventually the material is replaced one-for-one with bone, while maintaining robust load-bearing strength and preserving space and shape. The combination of these properties, in conjunction with resistance to fibrous tissue ingress offers a strong adhesive that enables bone fixation and implant stabilization while being bio-resorbed in a clinically relevant timespan.


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